UNCG Molecular Core Lab



“My research group has benefited hugely from both the training experiences and the research services offered by the Molecular Core Lab.

“In regard to training, too often graduate courses put far too much emphasis on theory and lecture material, and our students do not get the breadth of practical lab experience that they need. The targeted training sessions like the qPCR workshop are a great way to get grad students up to speed in techniques that did not even exist when I started out as a faculty member.

“My research has benefited from MCL research services on several occasions, usually when a graduate student is running out of time and does not have much experience in a particular technique. We’ve done the math, and it can actually be more cost effective to go with MCL services, compared to the costs of buying the required kits and reagents – especially when there’s a good chance your student will fail on the first attempt! What is really great is that Reunka and Jenna go out of their way to work with you and your team, explaining the theory and protocols, so that it also serves as a training experience. Combine that with the detailed final report and publication ready results in graphical and spreadsheet form, and it’s a great value. I encourage all my colleagues to support this facility whenever they can, as this is the type of research service we need more of here at UNCG to enhance our competitiveness in research.”

– Ethan W. Taylor, professor, Nanoscience